Muscle pain, fatigue and depression are just a few of the symptoms of “Fibro”.

One of the major complaints is fatigue, some patients report this as more debilitating as the pain. Fatigue and sleep disturbances are, in fact, almost universal in patients with fibromyalgia. Some experts believe that without these symptoms, physicians should seek a diagnosis other than fibromyalgia.

Common Symptoms of Fibromyalgia


Neck Pain

Elbow Pain


Memory Loss

Jaw Pain (TMJ)

Muscle Weakness

Migraine Headaches

Thighs and Knee Pain

Low Tolerance to Head and Cold

Hip Pain

Hair Loss

Facial Pain

Muscle Pain

Joint Stiffness

Irritable Bowel

Sleep Disorders

Chronic Body Pain

Chronic Fatigue or Exhaustion

Sensitivity to Lights and Sounds

Quick Facts About Fibromyalgia

3 Million+

3 Million U.S. Cases Per Year


80% Are Female

20 to 50 Years Old

20 to 50 Years Old

No Cure

No Cure, But Treatment Can Help

People not suffering from fibro can’t begin to understand this disease. Friends and family members sometimes think that a person is just lazy or it’s all in their head. How can a person look so normal and feel so bad? To feel so tired all the time and to always be in pain, just imagine how that must feel. At this time there is no known cure, your chiropractor can be very helpful in treating fibromyalgia.

Weather changes, the time of day, physical activity, and stressful events are all factors in the different levels of pain one suffers with from day to day. The pain has been described as stiffness, burning, stabbing, sudden, radiating, and aching. The pain is often more intense after disturbed sleep, which is a common complaint among sufferers.